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Have you ever wanted to invest in crypto, but...

We researched the market to understand what people think about cryptocurrency, in general, or as an investment tool or a hobby. We learned that people who were curious about crypto but who had generally avoided the space, had three main fears.  Read on to learn about each of these fears and how we intend to solve for them to enable every interested person’s safe entry into the crypto world. 

Fear 1: "I don't want to be perceived as unintelligent!"

Our research suggests that a significant portion of non-crypto users don't get involved because 1 - they are afraid they will feel "dumb", 2- they think it will take a significant amount of energy to just learn how to learn, and 3- they are embarrassed to are perceived as "dumb". This is the fear of not knowing how to learn something new.

Fear 2: "I don't know who to trust or follow!"

There are loads of people shouting about the next big token on YouTube or Twitter, highlighting the NEXT must-not-miss "APE" NFT, and proclaiming they have the way to get to help you get to billionaire status, but most non crypto-investors are skeptical that they are honestly getting good information. This is the fear getting misled or tricked.

Fear 3: "I don't want to get scammed or hacked!"

Most crypto-curious avoiders have heard about, or known someone, who had lost a sizeable amount of money in the crypto space. Stories about cryptocurrency token crashes, hacked accounts or just plain thievery and scams are abundant and scary - especially to those who also have fear #1. Scammers play on these fears. This is the fear of getting stolen from.

These fears are valid, but they shouldn't stop you. WHY NOT?

If you are reading this page, you probably identify with one of these fears.  The fact is these fears are very valid. The cryptocurrency space, powered by emerging blockchain technology, is scary. Its new, complex, unregulated and really dangerous.  But we believe that there are equally valid reasons FOR SOMEONE to learn and engage.  Read why we think your fears shouldn’t stop you from engaging and learning. 


Most analysis indicates that at a minimum, blockchain technology will be at the forefront of future innovation and engineering. Its not going away. When these tools start getting deployed in companies around the world, do you want to be one of the change resistors or at the front of the line? You will have to learn eventually. Don't be left behind.


There is real potential in the cryptocurrency space in so many ways. Potential to build and grow your own business, fueled by excited and eager investors; potential to meet and partner in real, early stage, emerging technology tools that could define a new way of working. The Amazon and Meta of tomorrow are likely the start-up tokens of today.


Although our team has a combined 25-years experience in blockchain investing, we have tons of crypto-curious, yet crypto-avoidant friends. We understand, empathize and have carefully been working on the solution to these problems. We think that the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is the right blockchain for new entrants to learn on, and we can provide the tools to help!

BSCGROW is the premier source for accessible education and tools that enable smart, safe investing on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain

Read on to learn about our Four Solutions that solve for everyone's fears.

The BSC Grow Academy

Overcome your fear of feeling unintelligent in our safe, entry level classes that level up as you grow - and gain free tokens in return for your efforts! Register today for free!

The BSC Grow Call Ranking

Let us help you consider who to trust and which communities to join. Our ranking system will help you find safe sources of knowledge.

The BSC Grow Investor Portal

When you have taken classes, know the lingo and follow trusted influencers on where to invest, enter the BSC Portal to access live news, charts and safe utilities.

The BSC Grow Scam Database

Protect yourself with a comprehensive database of scam language, experiences and people. LEARN HOW TO AVOID THE WORST DANGERS

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