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We have a mission to GROW the BSC through education and TRUST

BSC Grow is more than just a Token - Its a Movement

We believe that the BSC is for everyone. Its one of the last places on Earth where people can make their own destiny without governmental and corporate oversight. Costs are low – application is easy – the only thing limiting you is yourself. 

Let us help you with the tools you need to build your personal wealth and your own community – safely – on the BSC. 

Who We Are



If we think about the BSC as an economy – representative of an environment aligned with that of a country, or a state, or some de-centralized economic entity, it has many good features that are attractive to aspiring entrepreneurs.  Not many people would argue against the imbalance of power in the world today; those they are already rich and powerful tend to find it easier to keep their wealth and power. Those that are under-privileged today face a mountain of challenges  in the pursuit of financial independence. 

Governments, world leaders, politicians, and large corporations – whether with intentional desire for power, or with honest good intent – take and support actions that ensure the continuance of that power.  This includes the implementation of excess taxes, regulations on small businesses, and the creation of artificial barriers to independence.

The result is that if you are rich and powerful, you tend to stay that way.

Even more so than other blockchains, the BSC is for the PEOPLE. And no government or regulation or corporation or politician can stop that (yet). It offers one of the last free paths to true financial independence.

First, while barriers to entry are high from an intellectual capacity perspective into the blockchain and crypto space  – which makes the possibility of economic rewards naturally potentially higher – the BSC is among the most accessible of those. Dedicated and diligent learners can become familiar, and even experts, at navigating the space. 

Second, the cost of transactions are very low. Even compared with most other active blockchains, transaction fees, gas fees and other network fees are far, far lower, making this a cost effect place to test and learn.  Also, the speed of the network is lighting fast – allowing development of utilities that benefit from enhanced transaction speeds. It’s NOT ALL ABOUT ETH. 

Third, its very hard for countries and government entities around the world to regulate or restrict access to it, given the decentralized nature of multiple online utilities, connection points and social media tools. This means that anyone – ANYONE – willing to learn can have a true shot at working hard and turning their time, energy, and spirit into true wealth.  

We think the biggest risks and threats in this space are surmountable with education, knowledge, and awareness And we can help!

FOUR things that new entrants into the BSC absolutely need to be successful

  1. The “What and How” to excel: We solve this with our BSC GROW Academy
  2. The Safest, Most Accessible Tools: We solve this with the BSC Grow Toolkit- our library of safe, tested  utilities
  3. The Knowledge of WHO to Trust: We solve this with our call ranking system.
  4. Awareness of Scams and how to avoid them: COMING SOON – our Scam Database, storing common and uncommon scam language. 

How Does Our Token Work?

We are building an educational ecosystem with our token that has sustainable value for the future

Our token will eventually be at the core of our ecosystem - and will be required to access many of our features. Eventually, tokens will enable:  

  1.  Students to take classes, facilitators to be paid, and prizes awarded.
  2.  Influencers to enhance their ranking.
  3. Developers of new utilities to list their vetted tools. 

We are a low tax token - 6% equal buys and sells. Currently, we are using 5% of every transaction to pay for marketing and utility builds and 1% for liquidity. However, our token is built on a reflection-enabled contract. Soon, the token will be flipped to start sharing some or ALL of those taxes back to you in BUSD reflections. 

Doxed, public team and founded by a well-known developer, available on camera weekly to directly address questions. 

How Do I Buy the Token and Participate?

First Take our Free Introductory Course
We recommend everyone take our FREE first introductory course before buying our token and becoming a member of the BSCGrow Family.
However, if you are ready to participate in the BSC Grow project now, follow these steps: 

Connect to the Exchange

Connect to Pancake Swap, the BSC DEX where we are listed. You can use the dApp to connect directly to Pancake Swap, or your can trade via the PooCoin App. Make sure your wallet has BNB Smart Chain in it

Enter the Contract

Enter our Token’s Contract and execute the trade to purchase it. The official token contract address is:
No one from our team will EVER ask you to send money or tokens directly. 

Follow our Vision and Roadmap

For more detailed daily and weekly marketing plans, join our telegram community
STAGE 1: Launch Token & Build Supporters
In the Summer of 2022, we launched BSCGROW token to much hype. The initial marketing wallet drive enabled us invest in our dream of education people on the BSC.
Click here for price chart
STAGE 2: Build Out Utility Framework
In Early August 2022, we completed our education portal framework, the initial library of tools (our toolbox) and launched our very first call ranking tool!
Go to BSCGrow Home
STAGE 3: Initial Promotion
Our goal is to increase user adoption, gain new content creators, and reward and recognize long term holders. This will include investments in growth within and beyond the crypto community.
STAGE 4: Evolve Content; Enhance Marketing
As our initial members make progress through the courses, we will offer increasingly complex courses - like how to watch for contract irregularities.
STAGE 5: Shift focus to Scam Database
By the end of the summer, we will begin work on our scam database - a list of common - and uncommon- scams with searchable language.
STAGE 6: Flip the BUSD Reflection Switch
By the end of the year, we will have new sources of revenue, including from Advertising and promotion and from utility listings and caller ranking inclusion. Once that revenue enables us to self-sustain, we will turn the marketing tax to BUSD Reflections.
STAGE 7: Give back to Community HODLERS
Revenue streams paid to the token will enable an ecosystem of growth and sustainability in which token holders will be able to unlock new classes and earn tokens for completing those classes. Greater community involvement and engagement will happen as the project evolves.
CMC, CG and larger exchange listings will not be a source of growth - but a result of us reaching new and diverse audience and growing our business in new ways.
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