BSC Grow

Growing the BSC through education, trust, understanding and safety.

Learn Pragmatic Industry Skills

Learn how to access and action the BSC with videos, chats and hands-on activities. Learn by doing and discussing - not just reading. Classes get more complex.

Ultra Low Cost

Learn by holding tokens AND EARN TOKENS in $BSCGROW for select classes. The first classes- just the basics - will always be free.

Avoid Beginner Mistakes & Scams

Talk like a pro when you join chats; avoid beginner mistakes and rewards

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Years Experience

Make Sense of the BSC's Complexities

We believe that the BSC is for everyone. Its one of the last places on Earth where people can make their own destiny without real governmental and corporate oversight. Costs are low – but risks are real.  Learn how to navigate like a pro and then only be limited by yourself! 

Recommended First Courses

These first two courses are focused on education, awareness and safety.
Your entry point into the BSC.  These two basic classes will always be free. As we continue to grow, we will be adding additional courses that will be available by simply holding BSC Grow tokens!


10 Lessons

Intro to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Basics

Our First Course - Intro to the BSC Foundations

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4 Lessons

Intro to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Risks and Threats

Learn to Avoid Scams. Don't be a Target! Protect Yourself. We can help show you how!

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Become a Course Facilitator

Earn tokens by facilitating a course today! Earn more when more people take your course. Set your own token thresholds. We pay for the marketing and promotion, and handle the uploading of content! It couldn’t be easier to make money!

Why Learn with Us?

Can't I Just Go to Wikipedia?

Taking a certified course by experienced experts is so much better than hoping you ask the right questions and that Google or Wikipedia find you the right, most accurate information. 


Our courses are developed by BSC experts who have been successful, who have failed and who have been scammed themselves.

EARN while you Learn

Wikipedia doesn't send you free tokens when you read. We do. We want to support our students - so watch for more prizes to come!

Multiple Ways of Learning

Not everyone learns by just reading. In the first classes, you will see a taste of the discussion component, projects component and quizzes. In future classes, there will be live events and participation opportunities.

There is NO RISK to take a c free class

Whether you are new to crypto, new to the Binance Smart Chain or just want to see what you have been missing, take our intro class and you lose nothing but an hour of your time (and gain tokens)!

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